EKHM - an environmentally conscious Enterprise .. ..

Located over a sprawling ten acres with a built up factory area of two hundred thousand sq.ft., EKHM employs about one hundred and fifty people in various levels, all of whom are efficiently managed by a qualified team of professionals producing all types of finished leathers in Cow, Calf and Cow sides with a production capacity of five hundred thousand sq.ft., of finished leather per month.

The factory is a well equipped with modern infrastructure and state of art technology. EKHM aims to meet the exacting quality standards of its customers in terms of both products and services by continuously improving its process systems. Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.

  • Globally Recognized Enterprise
  • Well equipped with modern Infrastructure
  • State of Art Technology
  • Constantly Enhanced Techniques
  • Technically updated Product Range
  • Working on Global Market
  • International Marketing